5 Myths About Custom Products

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5 Myths about Custom Products

Hint: #4 will surprise you…

The conventional wisdom about custom (and customizable) products is way behind the times. You’ve probably fallen for several of these myths and never even known it!

Myth #1: Custom Products Are Rare

FACT: Not even close. They’re everywhere! The t-shirt for your family reunion, wedding invitations, monogrammed towels, that ball-point pen at the bank with the company logo on it, that wristband for the 5k run/walk you did… we see, buy, and use customized products every single day. We just don’t tend to think about where they came from.

Tip: Look around your office for every product with text or a logo on it, other than the manufacturer’s name or logo. The sheer number will blow your mind!

Myth #2: Custom Products Are Just Like Other Products

FACT: Every custom product is, well, custom. No two are alike, even before they’re customized. Some, like t-shirts, let you print large, complex, multi-colored images. Others have very limited imprinting space. Some have structural concerns. Some custom products are radically unlike anything else. For example, 3-D printing has made it possible to sell custom models, decorations, and prototypes directly to customers, but no two orders are alike.

Myth #3: I Just Need a Little More Information

FACT: Yeah, maybe… but probably not. Most people think that custom products just involve an extra fact or two, just like “Size” or “Color.” They tell themselves, “I’ll just add a blank (or form field) or two for the customer to fill things in, and it’ll be fine.” But it’s almost never that simple. What about setup fees? Charges for additional ink colors? Extra raw materials for things like custom furniture or 3-D printing? What about your product codes? Do they ever change based on what the customer wants?

Tip: Try writing out every rule you use to price your products and record the sale internally. Odds are, you will fill a sheet of paper before you know it… for just one product!

Myth #4: I Just Need a Shopping Cart

FACT: Nope. Almost no shopping carts allow for truly custom products. A few allow you to add one or two text fields—like initials for monogramming—but that’s it. In fact, we only know of one cart (hint: it’s ours) that allows you to sell custom products “out of the box.”

Myth #5: I Can Just Tweak My Current Cart

FACT: Technically, this is true, but it will cost you a fortune. Shopping cart software is extremely complex; we’ve spent well over $200,000 in developer time developing Cereblitz Cart.

BONUS Myth #6: Selling Custom Products Online Is Difficult

FACT: Consider this one busted! Thanks to Cereblitz Cart, customers are making money online with unique and customizable products right now.

Can you think of other myths that you’ve fallen for or seen others fall for? Reply and let us know!

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